Wedding Planning Tips

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Here you can download info, tips and forms to help your day.

♥ General Timing Tips – To help you organise your day with  your venue AND get the photography you want by allowing enough time to enjoy your day. Remember this is YOUR wedding, so plan it for YOU and no one else !

♥ Standard Shot List for Bridal Party and Groups – This is just an “automatic”  list so you don’t have to worry about the basics. You can of course add to it with requirements such as “Bride & Work Friends”, “School Friends” and so on. Do read in conjunction with General Timing Tips, to get the very best from your day.

♥ Wedding Booking Form – This does need to be printed and sent in by post or email with the £100 deposit to reserve the date. I normally post one out, but a handy back-up.

More tips and info to come soon …..

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