Frequently asked questions


  • Do we meet before the day ?

A pre-wedding meeting is absolutely vital to understanding you, your venue, and your requirements. We discuss timings, coverage, family setups, look at sample images and albums, and make sure we have a clear picture of your special day. Often when couples book far ahead, we have a 2nd meeting closer to the date, just to catch up and fine tune some details.

  • Can I check you are available ?

You can drop me a message via the Contact Page, or drop me an email, send a text, phone etc and just ask if your date is available, with no obligation. I don’t store your contact details, so don’t worry about being chased or spammed after your enquiry.

  • Do I pay a deposit ?

A deposit of £100 is payable at the time of booking. The balance of the “USB package” is payable 4 weeks before the wedding day. Any albums ordered are due for payment when approving the design (after the wedding)

  • When will I see my images ?

We always aim to get what we call “1st Proofs” online in about 7 days. “1st Proof” means they are not quite finished, but you can see the story of the day, possibly whilst on your honeymoon !  The USB of finished images is sent to you within another 10 days.

  • How many images will I get ?

This can vary according to the day, family sizes, guest numbers and so on, but the only time we stop working is when you sit down for your Wedding Breakfast. An average "full day" wedding tends to produce 700 or so images, some in black & white, mainly colour.

  • Are you insured, and what happens if you are ill ?

I am fully insured, security vetted, and if, for any reason, I am so ill that I can’t cover your day, I have many friends and contacts in the industry, so there should be no problem finding a professional to cover.

  • Do you have spare equipment ?

I always carry spare cameras, lenses, flashguns, media cards etc

  • Can I give you a family groups shot list ?

Sure, although we have a list which covers 90% of everything you will need, which you can add to it, subject to time.

  • Do I have to have albums ?

No, we also offer a USB only service, without logos, copyrights etc, and you are free to do whatever you wish with the images.

  • Do we have to feed you on the day ?

No, not at all. I am a grown-up and happy to cater for myself. Often the venue either forget anyway, or bring a plate 5 minutes before speeches. Some couples offer me a bar meal which is MUCH appreciated, but I’m quite able to feed myself.

  • What if it rains ?

Planning for inconvenient weather is part of planning the day, and is best initially discussed with the wedding venue as this is their responsibility, although I help you here too, and I know most venues.  There is normally always an answer, but we should most certainly plan for it.

  • How do I book ?

Simply get in touch to check the date is free.  I will then email, and post everything you need. We can then meet, or you can just pay the £100 deposit, and we can meet later.

  • Are there any other costs ?

NO, everything is made clear and nothing is hidden. A super USB is included in the price, whichever package you choose.

  • How long are you with us on the day ?

I normally start 2 hours before the ceremony (with the bride), and I can either stay until you sit down for your Wedding Breakfast, or stay until about half an hour after your first dance to capture some party action, as well as many candid shots after you've enjoyed your food. Your 1st Dance should be around 8pm.

  • Do you charge extra for multiple locations ?

No, you employ me for the day. However, weddings which involve overnight stops, or excessive mileage will be chargeable.


I hope all this helps !


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