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How To Order Your Wedding Albums

The range of options for wedding albums is huge, and I don't restrict you to a simple choice, as your wedding album should be bespoke, using materials, colours and cover designs of your choice. 

Albums are never paid for before the wedding (unless this helps you of course) as there are so many options., but to give some idea, a 12"x12" album with a photo cover and your names and date blocked on the cover, holding 100 images is around £300 - or include two parent albums for £400. All presented in super boxes..

  • First thing to do is to tell me the images you would like in the album. I normally suggest you start with about 100, but adding extra pages for extra images isn't very expensive, so this figure is just a starting point. You can have fewer, or more images in your album.
  • To do this, you can either go online to you gallery and start clicking "FAVE" (this forces you to register, so just enter your name and email for me), then when you are finished, drop me an email or message, and I will pick up your choices at this end - OR simply list the image numbers (e.g. E+T 1001 etc)
  • When I have the list of images, I get a design done, normally within a few days, although it can take a bit longer during peak season.
  • I send you the PDF of the design, and you can then make any changes you wish. It's best to get all the changes done in one go if possible, as this saves having too many versions sitting around.
  • When everyone is happy, we can arrange a quick 20 minute meeting to sort the covers. The choice of materials, choice of colours, whether you would like an image (acrylic or otherwise), names and date blocked on the front, matching boxes, parent albums is all shown to you with samples and swatch materials.
  • I then give you a final, fixed price on your album order, and we are good to go.
  • From there, I generate the order with the manufacturer, and let you know expected arrival date (can be 2-3 weeks). A week from the expected arrival dater, I ask you for payment. After the albums arrive, I check them, and then work out how to get them to you, often by delivering them myself.

I hope this helps - albums are the best way to show, and remember your wedding day. All pages are printed on real Fuji photographic paper mounted on board, bound by hand, and lay flat (as you have seen before the weddings.

Any questions just GET IN TOUCH


Best wishes,


Your Shropshire Photographer

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