Rainy Day Weddings !

Published on 25th November 2022

The most often asked question about photographing weddings is "What do we do if it rains ?"


My reply is always "Speak to the venue first, and see if they have space indoors for groups"

We should also consider the different sections of a wedding before we start to panic, as most of the day won't be affected ...

The photographing of Bridal Preps, the Boys arrival, Venue photos, Ceremony, Speeches, and Party are not affected, which just leaves Family Groups, and Bride & Groom photography to think about.

Family Groups - as above .. "Speak to the venue" is still the first port of call, as they will be experienced, and should know which indoor rooms are available on your wedding day. It may mean that you have to cut down on some of the larger groups, but providing there is some space available, I've never really had a problem. Recently (which gave me the idea for this post) the bride was worried about getting the flowing dress dirty, so we spoke to the venue together to ensure some space was available, and I adapted the shot list for family groups to make it all manageable. For church weddings, it is normally possible to get at least some the groups done in the church before moving on to the venue.

The Bride & Groom Photography can bring more of a challenge. If the weather is just inclement (as opposed to it lashing it down) I always encourage my couples (the bride) to be brave, and I always bring a rug to stand on to keep the dress clean if required, and I shoot around them, in various locations at the venue. "Scoop up your dress, and let's go over here" followed by me laying out a rug, and getting the bride to drop the dress in the dry area. Should the bride have a long flowing dress, there are always some spaces indoors to lay it all out and capture a few images to add to the shoot.

Now should it be lashing it down, and we are restricted to indoors, it is always solvable by using a landing, a staircase, a conservatory, a large window, even a dining room or a lounge to get some nice images. This is the job of the photographer to solve.

So, worry not. There is always a plan to get the Family Groups, and the Bride & Groom photos, but do speak to the venue as well as the photographer, and together we'll ensure you get a set of images to cherish.

I hope this helps you plan your day !



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