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Published on 27th November 2022

Having worked in Shropshire as a photographer for many years, when asked by a couple "Do you recommend any florists ?", the name who comes to mind first is Nigel Whyles Floral Design.

Not only are the flowers always super fresh, on time at the venue (important to me !), and he's a nice chap, but the arrangements are just beautiful. From buttonholes, bouquets, table arrangements, chair decorations, Pew Ends, and so on, I've never failed to be impressed with his attention to detail, which is great, as I have to photograph them !

Nigel has been supplying flowers and arrangements for 30 years, and the attention he gives to making everything bespoke for the bride and groom is just amazing, and I'm happy to introduce him to you without hesitation. Oh, and before you ask, he's nicely priced, and as he says "No budget too small".

Why not check out his Nigel Whyles Floral Designs Website and have a chat and see what he can do for your wedding day ?

... you can thank me later !


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