Aime & Mike at Abel's Harp - Shropshire Wedding

Published on 1st September 2023

Well, that was a different venue for Aime & Mike's Wedding Day !

I've worked at most Shropshire wedding venues over the years, but this one was a new one on me !

Abel's Harp is tucked away in the Shropshire Hills, and offers amazing views of the surrounding countryside, and has a vintage feel. You may need your Sat Nav to get there, but it certainly is quite unique !

The venue's own words describes it best ....

"A quirky country retreat based in the beautiful South Shropshire hills.

Abel's Harp, established in November 2012, benefits from what is possibly the most dramatic location in the West Shropshire area. Situated on high ground overlooking the Welsh hills, the panoramic views enjoyed from it are an absolute delight. Abel's Harp takes its name from Abel Woodus, a character who famously plays a harp in Mary Webb's 'Gone to Earth' ."

The outdoor ceremony area is on its own level above the venue, and even with the unreliable 2023 summer, it looked as if we were going to be OK !

With my usual whizzing about between the bridal preps, chasing up the boys (who, to be fair, were pretty good and helpful), checking with the venue, one eye on the weather, working out who's who from which family, and remembering to make some time to do a little family shoot with their two beautiful children, it was a busy pre-wedding session, (particularly as going up and down the hill !)

So, the boys dried off all the outdoor seats (from some early drizzle) and made sure every thing was perfect from the arrival of the Bride and her entourage, with the guests all in place. Registrars in position and ready for the ceremony. I chose to be at the end of the aisle this time, and after my usual briefing (nagging) of making sure they faced each other, we were off and running, with some assistance from the children (who just looked amazing in their little suits and hats).

Bridal party and immediate family groups done on the upper level, then off we all go down the hill for a well deserved drinkie !

More family groups from the list Aime kindly gave me, and then we were ready for a quick family shoot with the boys, before I took Aime and Mike away from everyone so we get a little peace and quiet. The splendid backgrounds and the country roads, gave plenty of options for a variety of sessions, and the newly-weds launched in to it all with real enthusiasm, so well done them.

On to the formalities ...the Boys speeches were great, which involved getting rid of a few pints fairly quickly, and an absolutely unrepeatable story from the Best Men about the Groom, who took it well, I have to say....Moving swiftly on ...

Time to eat with a great selection from a super "grazing table", and a break for me too with a welcome highly stacked plate.

The weather held with lovely sunshine, as we approached the cake cutting at 1st Dance, with bubbles, followed by some rather curious "shape-throwing" from the groomsmen.

A tremendous day, and somewhere new for me to work. I hope I can go back someday.

Thanks to Aime and Mike for their enthusiasm on the day, and co-operation in making everything happen.

Best wishes to you both and your super boys ..

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