Autumn Wedding Day at Hadley Park, Telford

Published on 8th January 2024

For a November wedding, it was always going to be either cold, or wet, or both. Thankfully it was just cold, with some lovely autumn sunshine, and the couple were well prepared.

Katie & Ryan are a super couple, and were so looking forward for their wedding day at Hadley Park House in Telford, after having had a difficult time of it.

As always, the day starts with the bride, around 2½ hours before the ceremony for the detail shots, and some prep, venue pics etc, plus it's good to catch up again after the last meeting, to confirm everything, which is probably why I'm always early ! With three bridesmaids, three little flower girls, and a Mum hovering, the "getting ready" session provided a lot of opportunities to get plenty of fun stuff, so off to a good start !

With an hour to go, Ryan and his Groomsmen were ready for a quick relaxed shoot outside in the biting cold, which was probably the reason they co-operated so well, just to get it over with, and still have time to finish their pints, before meeting the Registrar.

Back to Katie for the finishing touches, (looking super lovely) time for a few little portraits, before the short walk down the stairs with her girls, Mum helping to keep the flower girls facing the right way.

I'm sure we were on time at this stage, but Ryan had to sweat it out for another 20 minutes or so, which gives me more time to capture those candid pics, but less good for the Groom.

Finally, we got the signal and the procession of girls started, ending with Katie walking with her Mum up the aisle. Now, I've seen some Groom's reactions when they see their bride coming up the aisle, but Ryan's was a belter, and I couldn't decide whether he was going cry, or pass out, cheer wildly, or all three. Such a great moment ! Well done mate, you held it well !

All word perfect, pretty good kiss at the end, signing with the Mums, and we were off again to get the big group shot done, confetti, and hopefully give the couple a break. As it was so chilly, we decided to get on with it and 20 groups and 20 minutes later, everyone could go indoors if they wanted, and some were changing colour anyway !

I tend to use the time now to photograph the reception room, get some candids, and prepare for the Bride & groom shoot which is always done away from everyone else to give them privacy and help them relax.

So when Katie had defrosted, off we went with a very determined bride, and a well behaved, and obedient groom, for a nice 25 minute session in the grounds of Hadley Park. The height difference between them was actually great fun and added to the session.

Finally, we're done and it's time for the reception with some fine speeches, more tears, plenty of toasts, with Ryan realising he shouldn't have worried about his speech, as he did well.

Break for me (plus Hadley Park Burger) until the evening guests start arriving, and guess who has turned up ? None other than my old mate Rick Cosco (aka Rick Sax}, to entertain everyone, and even play in on the 1st Dance, which went well (Ryan ticks off his last worry at this stage). Next up, Bride & Mum Dance, before everyone is invited on the dance floor to join in.

All in all, a lovely day, a super couple who gave it everything. I couldn't have asked any more of them, and as usual, I nicked a bit of the buffet on the way out.

Thank you both, best wishes to the Mums, it was great to be a part of your day. Bless you both.


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