Timings for your Shropshire wedding day

With so many things to think about, it's useful to get some idea of how your wedding day runs, where I am, how long I need, what is included etc

The schedule is different for a church wedding, or where the bride is getting ready at home, but for this wedding, let's assume everything is happening at the same venue.

Most venues allow 2 hours from the START of the Ceremony to sitting down for your wedding breakfast.

  • The day starts around 2 1/2 hours before the ceremony with The Bridal Preparations, which includes capturing those important details, such as the dress, shoes, flowers, girls having fun. Its also a good opportunity to chat to the bridesmaids and give them some tips .    During this time, I pop in and out (giving you some peace) while I photograph the venue, the ceremony room, and so on
  • With an hour to go before the ceremony I meet the boys for their shoot, (sometimes they have a cheeky pint first to calm the nerves) which always starts with classic groom and group shots then freewheels in to something much more fun, bit of messing about, using any props they have brought. Other details such as buttonholes, the rings are covered as well of course. I often capture some guests arriving around this time as well. The groom meets with the Registrar with 30 minutes to go.
  • Back to the bride for me to see the finishing touches, the dress going on, with a few portraits in the room, and some fun pics with bridemaids to finish, before the bride makes her journey to the Registrar.
  • As the guests take their seats, I tend to get some candid photos of people looking great, chatting together
  • Next comes the entrance of the bridesmaids, followed by the bride with her escort (often the father) before the ceremony begins, which normally lasts for 30 minutes including the traditional signing, and walking back down the aisle.
  • At this time, I get the group shot done of everybody (by hanging out of a window normally) swiftly followed by the confetti
  • It's nice to have a little break around now, before I start the groups, which although comprehensive can be done in around 20 minutes. I have a shot list which covers most of what is needed, but you are free to add a few groups at the end, such as workmates etc
  • After the groups, I photograph the Wedding Breakfast Room, getting all those details on the tables, as well as the room itself
  • With 30 minutes to it is time for the Bride & Groom photography, which is always done away from the guests, as this helps you to relax and be less self-conscious, which makes for better pictures too !
  • I like to do a room inspection and a formal cake-cutting sequence before you sit down. This gives you the chance to check everything is just perfect.
  • Your guests enter the room, and I can get some fun candids at this time, as they get settled for your entrance. Speeches can be done before or after the celebration meal. Often everyone wants to get them out of the way, so they can relax !
  • As your meal is being served, we all get a welcome break, and after your meal is over, I'm always available for some more groups, or just leave me to capture evening guests arriving, people relaxing and having fun, children playing etc
  • ...The final stage is the cake cut in front of your guests, followed by the 1st Dance, I then stick around for half an hour to get some party action memories


So that's how the day goes. It's important to make the most of the day, finding time to have fun, as well as get plenty of great images, so planning is the key as well as being on time.. (it is said that its the "brides prerogative to be late", but trust me, it doesn't help !)

More questions ? - then head over to the "Frequently Asked Questions" Page, and see if I've answered it already !

I hope you found this useful


Happy Planning !

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